Gene Synthesis

Gene Synthesis (Novelgene™) @Novelgene Technologies

Novelgene Technologies is proudly serving public & Private Sector Life Science research Laboratories globally with 100% product qualities with in Time Line. We can synthesize genes for on affordable cost and as fast as 2-3 weeks for most genes under 2.5 kb.

Our comprehensive experience in gene synthesis technologies has afforded us the capability to take on the most complex of gene sequences. Unlike traditional molecular cloning technique, Novelgene’s gene synthesis service offers affordable solutions and fast delivery for your custom DNA synthesis, cloning, and/or recombinant expression project needs. We also offer a wide range of downstream services, including subcloning, mutagenesis, and plasmid preparations.

Gene Synthesis Service Highlights

  • Over 99% success rate with “No Gene, No Cost” policy. It is free of charge if we are not able to make the gene.
  • Codon optimization upon request.
  • Quick turnaround time with 100% sequence accuracy guarantee.
  • Site directed mutagenesis service starting within your budget.
  • One-stop for custom gene, peptide, protein, and antibody services.

Deliverables, Turnaround Time and Pricing

4 µg of lyophilized plasmid containing the sequence verified gene insert.

QC data includes: project QA report, complete construct map, and sequence chromatogram. See Sample QA Report.

Discounts may vary depending on the gene length, complexity and the order volume

  • Turnaround time is an estimated time only; it does not reflect any production difficulties, if so encountered.
  • Low price guarantee – we will match/beat a lower price from any reputable competitor.

Complimentary Gene Codon Optimization

To achieve stable and enhanced heterologous protein expression levels, Novelgene provides complimentary codon optimization service to improve codon usage in one or multiple host cell systems. This is a powerful tool when we can combine our synthetic DNA technologies with our proprietary optimization algorithm to achieve the highest possible expression levels in any given host system. There are a variety of critical parameters taken into consideration, including but not limited to:

  • Codon usage bias
  • GC content
  • CpG dinucleotide content
  • mRNA secondary structure
  • Cryptic splicing sites
  • Premature PolyA sites
  • Internal chi sites and ribosomal binding sites
  • Negative CpG islands
  • RNA instability motif (ARE)
  • Repeat sequences (direct repeats, reverse repeats, and Dyad repeats)
  • Restriction sites that may interfere with cloning

During the gene synthesis quotation request, simply request gene optimization is needed and indicate the expression host species and we will provide a full optimized report for your review.

Gene Synthesis Standard Workflow @ Novelgene Technologies

There are 6 basic steps involved in generating a synthetic gene sequence:

  1. Chemical synthesis of short oligonucleotides.
  2. Oligonucleotides annealing by ligation or polymerase reactions.
  3. Cloning of gene sequences into specific vectors.
  4. Screening of E. coli clones to identify putative candidates.
  5. Sequencing to verify correct plasmid sequence.
  6. Lyophilization of purified plasmid.

Gene Synthesis Quotation and Ordering

Our gene synthesis quotation request and ordering processes involve 3 simple steps:

  1. Submit your custom gene sequence information and cloning specifications
  2. Our Technical Support personnel will provide a formal project price quote and answer any technical questions.
  3. Initiate production by providing a formal PO or advance payment.