Metabolic Flux Analysis

Metabolic flux analysis (MFA) is an important analytical tool, is used to examine production and consumption rates of metabolites in a biological system. In systems metabolic engineering, MFA can be used for understanding cellular physiology under particular conditions and predicting its metabolic capability after genetic or environmental perturbations. MFA can also be used for the elucidation of cellular mechanisms. By using stable isotopes such as 2H, 13C, and 15N, MFA can identify and quantitatively estimate the metabolism through metabolic pathways by observing the position of the isotopic label along the metabolic pathways. 1H and 13C NMR methods, as well as mass spectrometry methods, have been used for metabolic flux analysis. Recently, tandem mass spectrometry, emerged as a new analytical technique, aids to support additional information for high-resolution quantification of metabolic fluxes in complex biological systems.

Overview of Metabolomics Flux Analysis Service

Novelgene Technologies has developed a novel metabolic flux analysis platform, which allows for the determination of control structure and metabolic pathway regulation network. One of the promising advantages of our platform includes regulatory information crucial for understanding dynamic systems. This analytical platform is widely applicable to any metabolic system that can be depicted by kinetic modeling. Our approach is composed of several integrated quantitative methodologies, including a detailed computational dynamic model accounting for regulatory interactions.