Protein Gel and Imaging

1DSDS PAGE and IEF Analysis

1D SDS-PAGE is a tool that separates proteins by molecular weight, where the samples are weighed and dissolved in SDS. SDS-PAGE is widely used in protein analysis, such as protein size determination, protein identification, sample purity analysis, and so on. IEF is an electrophoretic technique to separate proteins based on isoelectric point (pI), which can resolve different proteins of similar size that cannot be resolved on standard SDS-PAGE gels.

2D Electrophoresis Analysis

2-DE is a method for separation and fractionation of complex protein mixtures. The 2-DE separates protein firstly by IEF and then by SDS-PAGE. At Novelgene, we can provide 2D electrophoresis services with High resolution of Protein mixture which can be used for protein species and isoform distribution analysis, host cell protein analysis, quantitative comparison of cell states etc.

Isoelectric Point

The isoelectric point is defined as the pH at which the net charge of the protein becomes zero. Isoelectric point analysis can be used to study heterogeneity, analyze protein folding status, and predict protein-protein interactions.

Image Analysis

Imaging analysis is an important part of protein gel that can provide various information, including the novel or missing detection, protein spots quantification, pI and Mr values determination, etc. By using a scanner or camera with computer software, the gel images can be converted into digital data and the complex 2-D patterns can be evaluated.